We got a patent for comfort.
Checkmate, guy who invented the couch.

The revolution started here. The Townie® introduced Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology® to the world and it was love at first sight. That love has made the Townie the best-selling bike in the U.S. For real. Turns out people like originality. 

The Townie was born from an idea that challenged the sacred geometry of bike design and created a completely different riding experience. With an upright seating position that lets you see the world better and plant your feet flat on the ground whenever you want, it sets a new standard in comfort and control. Although most Electra bikes feature Flat Foot Technology to some degree, the Townie showcases it in all its glory. 

We know it can be hard choosing which Townie is right for you. An Original, EQ or Balloon EQ? How many gears? Some people just pick their favorite color, which is cool. No matter what, it’s all good.


The Townie® EQ. The Townie Original offers the simplicity of our patented Flat Foot Technology® frame design in a variety of speeds. The Townie EQ is a Townie Original fully equipped with fenders, Hub Dynamo powered front and rear lights and internal cable routing. Roll over the image to see the difference.

Townie EQ+ + +