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Spotted: Seventeen Magazine

Spring is here... and thanks for the reminder, Seventeen! We spotted our Ladies' Ticino 7D in Lemon Chiffon on the magazine's glossy pages. With a beautiful custom design and Electra's signature attention to detail, this bike doubles as a fashion accesory AND sweet ride.

Spotted: Draft Magazine

You know it's a good day when Draft Magazine features your favorite ringer bell, especially as a product to "inspire your next satisfying sweat" ...whatever that means. This awesome bell is bright yellow with a black mug and white froth. Just looking at it makes you feel a little thirsty.


Electra Memories - My Funny Valentine...Happens to Have Two Wheels

In honor of this special holiday weekend celebrating love, I wanted to acknowledge my funniest valentine yet. No...its not a new boy or a friend who I've known for years...its my bike. Yes people, I'm serious. I know it sounds silly but I simply want to recognize the fact that this bicycle has been the number one catalyst for my new level of freedom and happiness.  

Electra Memories- Taste of Venice 2013

Electra is proud to have been a co-sponsor of Taste of Venice 2013 on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California. Check out some of our favorite shots from the event.