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Around 1010: Restaurants

At Electra HQ, we take meal time almost as serious as coffee time. Getting a bite to eat around the office is super easy... or super hard. Just depends on if you're good at deciding what you want to eat. Nonetheless, there are a ton of great restaurants within walking and biking distance.

13 Questions for Taylor Everich

We tried to think of a clever way to introduce Taylor Everich, but there are no words to adequately describe him. However, he is most infamously known for his exceptional MS Paint "photoshopping" skills, unexpected dance moves, and affinity for cats.

13 Questions for Taylor Everich

13 Questions for Jeremy Westerlund

Meet our friend Jeremy. Not only does he have an impressive car collection and a cool dog named Mack, but he gets to design awesome products for Electra all day long. Can you say dream job? [Editor's note: Shortly after taking pictures for this post, he chopped those beautiful locks off.]

13 Questions for Jeremy Westerlund

13 Questions for Travis Vance

Meet Travis Vance, Electra's director of sales and retail development. He is also known as the unofficial sponsor and advocate of fresh baked cookies at the Electra offices.

13 Questions for Travis Vance

13 Questions for Wolfgang Fenchel

Introducing Wolfgang Fenchel... one of the longest standing Electra employees. This guy has been behind the scenes and helping create Electra bicycles for over a decade.