25 Years of Electra

It all started with the beach cruiser. The perfect expression of a lifestyle steeped in sun, surf and sand. Those bikes were icons. We fell in love with their artistry and attitude, but we knew we could take it further. So we started fresh. We innovated. We broke a few rules, and ended up starting a revolution. A couple patents and thousands of models later, we’re still leading the way. We’ve expanded our horizons into the city and beyond, and we can even claim the best-selling bike in the entire United States. And it’s all thanks to you. Because this brand is as much about the people who ride our bikes as it is the bikes themselves. We are inspired by the world around us, and encourage you to explore all its avenues. We’ve seen a lot in 25 years, but there are many more roads to go down. More boardwalks to cruise. More cities to roam. More fun to have. Hop on. Let’s go.