Amy & Her Townie 7D

Sometimes we hear crazy awesome stories from Electra fans. This story belongs to a lucky Townie® 7D owner, Amy. Enjoy!

My Townie changed my life and made me a more active person. I lost weight and had a better sense of well being. Then, one day my Townie was stolen right from my garage. I filed a police report, and launched a social media campaign to try to have my bike returned. My story even ended up on the CBS news. But nothing. I grieved for my Townie for 2 years. I had given up ever having it returned.

Then last November, 2 years to the day it was stolen, a friend who works at a bike shop contacted me with a photo of a Townie and asked if it was mine, as he suspected. Someone had brought to to him for tune up. It was MY TOWNIE! Police confirmed the serial # matched.

I have my Townie back and couldn't be more happy. I'm back on the road to health and well being. I am an artist by profession and photographer as a hobby. My favorite past time is going out someplace beautiful with my Townie and my camera. I ride in beautiful Monterey and Santa Cruz enjoying coastal views and taking photos of the beautiful places my Townie takes me!

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Amy! We're so glad to hear that your bike made it back to its rightful owner.

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