Spotted: Family Circle Magazine

Hurray! May is national bike month, and bike to work week is almost here (week of Monday, May 16)... Although we prefer leisurely rides along the shoreline or on a local bike path, we aren't scared to log a few extra miles and bike all the way to work.

In the latest issue of Family Circle, readers get the scoop on the coolest bikes out there, one being the Electra Loft™ 7D in Citrine. They note that the Electra Loft has a "relaxed seat position,” which makes it an ideal commuter bike. Also, the lightweight frame allows for easy transportation around town.

Our Loft Collection is inspired by people all over the world who live, breathe and ride in cities all around the world. It is designed with functional minimalism, but is built to handle the rigors of the streets. Potholes, cabs, police tape, 4th floor walk-ups. You name it. The clean lines and straight bars give it a nice, unaffected look while the 700c wheels, footforward positioning and upright riding position provide optimum speed, comfort and control. This bike is available in a bunch of speeds from the fixie-like single to the versatile 7-speed, you’ll find one that fits your liking.

Family Circle Loft

Available at your local Electra dealer.