Patrick and his Loft 1

It's funny how some things seem like they were just meant to happen. Here's a story about a guy named Patrick and his Electra Loft...

In the summer of 2015, Electra donated a Loft 1 to Bike Maryland as a raffle prize at the Baltimore Bike Party, an event that attracts about 1,500 bikers to ride together for 8-10 miles through the city with a party after the ride. With a that many riders, the event can be a little crazy. There are impromptu bike repairs, rule breakers, and newbies frantically trying to find their friends. Bike Maryland had a bright yellow tent that certainly stood out. One of these riders who came by the booth was Patrick. He was getting a flat tire on his way to the meetup and was looking for a fresh tube and pump. Unfortunately, Bike Maryland was out of tubes, but Patrick bought a raffle ticket before having to walk home and miss the bike party.

At the after party, the bike raffle winner was announced, and Patrick had won! Nate, the Executive Director of Bike Maryland, delivered the single-speed Loft to him the next day. That meant that Patrick didn't have to worry about getting a new tube after all...

Several months passed. The weather got colder, but it didn't stop a group of dedicated volunteers called #TwoWheeledTuesday from supporting bike commuters on Tuesday mornings and evenings in Baltimore. With the nights getting longer, more riders were in need of lights. Nate decided to join them and contributed a few sets of lights. In the half hour or so, the group gave away a dozen sets of lights. One rider who stopped by the group looked very familiar to Nate. He timidly accepted the lights and talked 'riding bikes' in Baltimore with the volunteers. Nate noticed that the bike looked familiar as well; it was the Electra Loft 1 from the Baltimore Bike Party!  Patrick and Nate had an 'oh yeah' moment, and he told Nate the rest of the story.

With Patrick's car in the shop, he opted to bike from his home in Canton to his office in Mt. Vernon, which is just a couple miles away. He decided to bike to the office with his new Loft and absolutely loved it. With that said, he never drove his car to the office again. Patrick's commute was changed by the Electra Loft that he won through the raffle by Bike Maryland.

Nate would like to thank Electra for supporting Bike Maryland and for changing Patrick's life for the better.

Story submitted by Nate Evans.

Congrats Patrick! Winner @Electra_Bicycle Loft @BikeMaryland @bmorebikeparty
— Nate Evans (@bmorebikes) June 27, 2015

Patrick @BikeMaryland @Electra_Bicycle raffle winner now full time bike commuter #twowheeltuesday
— Nate Evans (@bmorebikes) November 24, 2015