Electra Artistry: Bells

From Fashion Cruisers to Kids' bikes, have you ever wondered where we find inspiration and get started with our designs? Not just anyone can casually throw sugar skulls on fender, a beer mug on a bell, or flames on a beach cruiser and make it look good. But, truth be told, we just follow the things we find interesting. That means exploring our curiosities in culture, art, community, music, fashion and even the latest and greatest in snacking trends. One of our favorite canvases to play with is the domed ringer and ding dong bells. It's the perfect opportunity for our riders to add a little bit of their personality to their bike. And even though we love them all, here are some our most favorite bells:

Electra Cheers Ringer Bell. Happy hour, anyone? San Diego is one of the BEST spots for craft breweries, and we sure do enjoy their company! The Cheers Bell came about as we designed bells for men’s bikes even though we know chicks dig beer, too. We started with the yellow metallic color and added the matte finish to replicate a nice cool and frosty mug. The simple but beautiful little beer bell is now one of the best-selling in the line.

Electra Ice Cream Ringer Bell. Close your eyes and imagine a perfect day in Southern California: cruise to the beach, catch some sun rays, play in the waves... and get an ice cream cone for the ride home. I mean, who doesn't love a sweet treat? This is how we came to design two of our kids' bikes - Soft Serve and Sweet Ride - and this bell was inspired by the Soft Serve. The iconic ice cream cone stands out and is loved universally by kids and adults alike.

Electra Luchador Ringer Bell. With our headquarters located just a hop, skip and a jump to the border we share with Mexico, it's easy to spot influences from our southern neighbors within the Electra line up. From tacos and burritos at lunch here in the office to Luchador masks on our socks and bells, we are continuously interested in the vibrant and colorful culture found in Mexico.

Electra Donut Ding Dong Bell. How can you say "no" to sprinkles? At least once a week you can find a pink box or two full of a dozen donuts from our favorite local shop, VG's. And, as it turns out, a donut is round, just like a bike bell... We specifically wanted this to be a part of the ding dong bell family because of its size. It’s the size of a donut. Long story short: it’s a fun one.