The #ElectraLove Is Real

We consider ourselves pretty lucky. Almost every day through emails, Facebook or Instagram posts, we hear about how much Electra owners enjoy their bikes. Let's be honest... we've seen it all. From engagement photos to wedding ceremonies to birthday parties for Townies, you guys keep surprising us with great stories. Whether it's a basket, bell or bike, we love seeing all of your #ElectraLove.

My partner and I recently purchased Electra Bikes. We LOVE our bikes; they are so comfy, and the subtle details really make them special.

-Kelly A., Electra fan, Facebook

My husband surprised me with a new Chroma 3i cruiser this past weekend. I have been riding it nonstop. I love every single thing about it!!! I am eagerly awaiting my basket to arrive so I can take it on grocery runs. I am a pretty avid road cyclist and knew I would enjoy a cruiser...I just didn't realize how much!!! I am so head over heels in love that I ordered a 20 inch Betty girl's cruiser for my daughter. ❤❤

- Erin D., Electra fan, Facebook

My wife & I both have Townies. We love our bikes. I've had 2 back surgeries, and I'm still comfortable on my Townie. Thanks for building a quality product.

- Matt S., Electra fan, Facebook

Omg! Best bike ever! It was love at first sight! And since then, every time I ride my bike I fall in love with it. It's so comfortable that it leaves you the impression that instead riding a bike you ride a motorcycle. Love it!!!!!

- Alexa L., Electra fan, Facebook

I love my Townie 7D and at 63 years old with hip replacement in January and rods in my lower spine and metal plate in my neck, I'm having no pain after three trips on a trail and ten miles for each trip. Highly recommend the bike to everyone. Thanks Electra!!!

- Marie B., Electra fan, Facebook

I have had my Electra 7 speed for 18 years. I love my bike!

- Sunshine D., Electra fan, Facebook

I absolutely love love love my Electra Karma, it's the best riding bike ever! It's like a cloud with wheels! Beautiful paint job and stylish grips and seat! It's the best bike I've ever owned! It puts a smile on my face every time I ride it! Thanks Electra for making such an awesome bicycle! ❤❤❤

- Beverly B., Electra fan, Facebook

Just bought two 7-geared Townie bikes yesterday, and I am IMPRESSED! Love the feel, comfortable design and unique look. Went for spin this morning, and it seriously felt like was a kid again riding a bike for the first time just for fun! Thanks!

- Mat K., Electra fan, Facebook

I love my Electra Townie 7-speed. I have had both knees replaced and had a Fuji mountain bike that caused me nothing but pain to ride. A friend of mine told me about the Townie and I ran out and checked it out for myself. I got mine at Agee's Bicycle in Chesterfield, VA. I rode it around the back lot and fell in love with it. No pain! Love the Flat Footed feel of it and the upright position I now ride in. I feel safe again! So nice to be back on the road. Feeling Free!

- Carol W., Electra fan, Facebook

Featured image by Maxime J., Electra Facebook fan.