13 Questions for Chad Majer

Meet the one of the personalities behind Electra's customer service line, Chad Majer. Not only does he take a lot of pride in his work, he is also our parking lot regulator. Which he also takes pretty seriously.

13 Questions for Chad Majer

  1. What is your name and title? Chad Majer, Technical Services aka Warranty
  2. Where is your hometown? I was born in Thousand Oaks, CA, until I was 13. Then I moved to Tucson, AZ.
  3. How long have you worked at Electra? I have worked at Electra for 5 years.
  4. What was your first paying job? I was a horse wrangler at a Boy Scout ranch in Payson, AZ called Camp Geronimo.
  5. What are 3 words that describe Electra to you? Cool, Comfort, Quality
  6. If you were an Electra bike, which one would you be? Rockabilly Boogey
  7. What is the best part about your job? My coworkers
  8. When you're not at work, what are you most likely doing? Working on my house, or planning bicycle events.
  9. Kale or spinach? Neither [Editor's Note: When asked to elaborate, he answered, "Ew, yuck! Why would you ask that. It's like the same thing. How about pizza?! That's something I'll talk about."]
  10. What is the coolest country that you have been to? I went to school in the Netherlands for nine months.
  11. Fallon, Conan, Kimmel, or Colbert? Kimmel
  12. If you could party with anyone from history, alive or dead, who would you want to party with? Elvis
  13. What will bicycles look like in 100 years? E-bikes that never need charging and integration with other electronics.