Spotted: Essence Magazine

We have wanderlust year round, but everyone knows summer is the ultimate vacation season. Whether that's going to the tropics, the mountains or somewhere in sunny California, every traveller has a packing list. In the June 2016 issue of Essence Magazine, the editor compiled some of her favorite travel products, one of which is our lovely Electra Ladies' Loft 7D in Teal.

This commuter bike features sleek lines and a simple design that makes it fashionably functional and elegant. It's upright riding position plus the relaxed, foot-forward pedaling allows for easy riding. Lastly, the lightweight aluminum frame makes this bike ideal for those who might have to carry it up a flight of stairs... or two. It's the perfect bike for anyone riding short or long distances. The Loft 7D is also available in a small frame and a regular frame--yeah, we thought of just about everything to make you look and feel good on this bike.

The Electra Loft 7D in Teal is available at your local bike dealer.

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