Spotted: Chatelaine Magazine

At Electra, we celebrate individuality. From the clothes you wear to the music you love to the beautiful bike you call your own, everything can be customized and unique to you. One of the easiest ways to add a personal flare to your bike is by putting a bell on it. Chatelaine took note of this. In fact, they pictured 8 Electra bells in their June 2016 issue. Take a look below or at your local newsstand. Can you find the following bells? Electra Ringer Bell Ice Cream, Electra Ringer Bell Wood, Electra Ringer Bell Light Blue, Electra Ringer Bell Purple, Electra Ringer Bell Orange, Electra Ding Dong Triple Scoop, Electra Dome Aluminum Handlebar Mount and Electra Ringer Bell Green.

Bells are available at your local bike dealer.