Fashion trends from the beloved 80's are making a comeback on the runway... From schoolgirl jumpers to varsity jackets and trenchcoats, we're seeing tons of inspiration from a seemingly simpler but incredibly modish time. One of our favorite parts of the 80's is the outstanding love for bicycles. Bikes were the go-to set of wheels that represented unique personalities, as seen in movies like Pee-wee's Big AdventureQuicksilver and American Flyers. Bikes were selected and customized, so they could be ridden everyday. took note of this and found that our Ladies' Loft 7i in Green Tea fit the bill.

This bike is designed with simplicity and utility in mind. It's the bike that takes you to all the places you need to get to. The Loft 7i is a reliable commuter that will get you there and back without having to worry about the city's ups and downs, bumps and cracks, or hussle and bussle. Equipped with a 7-speed internal gear hub, fenders, rear rack and lightweight aluminum frame, this bike is prepped and ready to go. Not to mention, the color is subtle (yet different) and pairs well with the brown and silver accents of the saddle, grips and tires. Overall, this commuter bike is sleek and clean, but has a feel of nostalgia.

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The Loft 7i is available at your local Electra dealer.

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