Commuter-Friendly Accessories

At Electra, we know a bit about traffic... and not just because we live in Southern California. Some of us ditch the car keys and commute the streets of North County San Diego by (Electra) bike during early morning and evening rush hour. Because of that, we have some recommendations for awesome accessories that'll gear your ride up in style, safely.


Front and Rear Racks

We think every commuter should have a a front and rear rack to help carry their gear. They will get the heavy pack off your back, or crossbody bag from digging into your shoulder and safely mounted on your bike instead. While they’re lightweight, select Electra rear racks have the capacity to carry up to 55 pounds of gear. What’s even better is that rack installation on your Townie or Loft is easy. Many of our bikes even come with rear racks included. And, hey… don’t forget your rear rack cargo straps.

Commuter Bags

Two new editions to the Electra accessories lineup include the rear rack bag and handlebar/saddle bag. Whether it's gym clothes, work clothes, lunch, laptop, or donuts for the office, various compartments and pockets will keep everything safe. Both bags are easily removable, water-resistant and built to handle those long days - rain or shine.


Ring 'em to say hello or let them know you’re coming through. If you’re commuting by bike, you need a good bell. Plus, they add a little personality to your already cool ride. Electra bells come in a variety of colors, designs and sounds so you can alert others around you in style.

Cup Holders

Juggling your morning cup of coffee while commuting can be a nightmare... especially for those of us who still need two hands to steer. You’re going to need them to dodge early-morning runners, veer around the garbage truck or speed up to make a yellow light. Er... we mean slow down for that yellow-soon-to-be-red light. In any case, a cup holder is a good thing to have for your ride. Check out our anodized linear cup holder that attaches to the front handlebars so you can easily get your caffeinated sips in while you ride.

Insider tip: New colors are coming soon!

Now, you have the Electra accessories needed for a great commute. Just don’t forget a smile... even if it’s a Monday.