Check it out! New Kids' Bikes

If you couldn't tell by now, we don't do boring. When it comes to our Kids' Collection, we give them the same attention to detail that we would to our Fashion and Attitude Cruisers. Think of them as mini versions of our adult Electra bikes. Whether it's the grips, chainguard, rims, and even the valve caps, we take even the most minute pieces of the bike and create something beautiful. For this reason, we can't wait to share the design inspiration behind the newest and coolest additions to the lineup. Say hello to Under The Sea, Starship, Treasure, and Superbolt.


Under The Sea

There's more to the ocean than meets the eye. For Under The Sea, we found inspiration in the bright, vibrant colors of coral reefs and variety of sea life below. Fantastic creatures from fish to turtles to seahorses swim around the bike's fenders and frame. This shimmery metallic blue beauty mimics the glimmer of the ocean as the sun hits the water. We can't forget to mention to beautiful custom grips, bell and saddle that equip this ride. It's the perfect single-speed bike for aspiring mermaids.




A perfect match to our UFO helmet, the Starship is ready for intergalactic adventures. This ride features outer spaced-themed illustrations and a cosmic black color that sparkles like the night sky. Comets, planets, astronauts, rockets and even a few extraterrestrial friends can be found throughout the bike and within the details. You don't need a telescope to check out the awesome embossed constellations that appear on the saddle and grips. Any kiddo will grow with this single-speed bike as the training wheels are removable. It's time for takeoff!



Our fascination with beautiful crystals and fractal patterns inspired the look of Treasure. A playful, yet elegant gem design is featured throughout the frame, fenders, saddle and grips. We also included some fun gold accents and rich jewel tones adding a beautiful pop of color to the glossy pearl frame. Accessorize accordingly with the matching Electra Gem Helmet. Treasure comes in a single-speed gearing option.



Superbolt is the perfect ride for any kid who dreams of action, adventure and awesome. Inspired by the classic Speed Racer, this bike has a sleek matte titanium finish and bold red lightning graphics. It also includes color-matched fenders and a classic ringer bell. Paired with our new Lightning Helmet, your little speedster will be turning heads in the cul de sac. Available in a single and 3-speed gearing option.

Check out the latest kids' bike at your local Electra dealer.