Dress Your Bike: Match Your Personality

To all the trendsetters and beach cruising ladies out there, it's time to spice up your Cruiser 7D with some accessories. This beauty is an American classic, incorporating Electra's patented Flat Foot Technology designed to make your ride ergonomic and comfortable. Beyond the upright riding position, our Cruisers come in a variety of colors with endless options to personalize. Once you select your favorite color, it's time to pick out some products that will add both individuality and functionality.

When it comes to dressing up the Ladies' Cruiser 7D in Jade, go wild and have some fun. The Cruiser Graphic Fenders in Swirl will make your ride pop and once you ring the color match Swirl Domed Ringer Bell, other riders will most definitely take notice. If you want to see who's admiring your snazzy Cruiser, we recommend having the Swirl Cruiser Handlebar Mirror. To personalize your ride further, add a colorful Handlebar Flower for style or a Cruiser Front Tray in White for some function. Finally, put on a Seaweed Helmet to ensure that no matter where you ride, you are safe and going in style.