Electra Love: Ken, Vanessa and Their Townie Go! E-Bikes

At Electra, we make bikes that make people smile. So it seems obvious when we say that biking can be fun, even when we're doing it for exercise... Especially when that exercise is on an electric bike! For Ken and his wife, Vanessa, riding an e-bike provides not only an awesome way for them to adventure around their city, but has also helped Vanessa recover from major surgery. Get to know them and newest additions to their family: Townie Go! 8i pedal-assist e-bikes.

In 2017, my wife (for 33 years now, where does the time go?) had both of her knees replaced. The first surgery was done in March and the second in June. As we looked for ways to help with her recovery, we chose to ride electric bikes while on vacation in Savannah, GA in September. Even with Vanessa's recent surgery, we instantly fell in love with being able to ride. We hadn't been on bicycles since our college days, over 30 years ago. We loved riding around our favorite vacation destination on rented electric bikes because you see so much more detail compared to a typical sightseeing tour bus ride.

When we got back home, we started doing research and looked for a suitable e-bike to purchase. We decided that we were going to enjoy the trails that are available to us here in Northeast Ohio called, "Rails to Trails." After researching and trying out a few different bikes, we chose Townie Go! e-bikes for both of us and ordered them from Orrville Cycling and Fitness here in Orrville, OH.

The staff at Orrville Cycling and Fitness were very impressed with the bikes as they assembled them. They even commented several times about how sturdy and well-designed the bikes seemed to be. We rode them home from the shop and immediately started planning our trips to the trails. We purchased a bike carrier for our car that could handle the bikes and now routinely head out for a trail ride whenever possible.

Including our Golden Doodle, Lexi, there are three of us at home now. We wanted to include her in our adventures, so we purchased a dog trailer that we could pull behind our bikes. She's getting used to the ride and loves being a part of our adventures. We're looking forward to warm weather so we can get the bikes back out on the trails to explore again. 

The electric assist on the Townie Go! bike is perfect for Vanessa's recovery. She still has to pedal, but most of the work is done by the electric motor when she needs it. Her doctor was highly in favor of cycling when Vanessa shared our plans with him. He even told her that if she were to cycle twice a week, she could forego the other therapeutic exercises she had been doing at the time. Truth be told, the electric assist is nice for me too - it's great to enjoy the ride and not be concerned about how you're going to climb big hills until you're ready to.

The ability to vary the assist settings is also a great feature. I've used maximum power when I needed it and also turned the power assist completely off when I felt like I could go without it. Shifting from one gear to the next is very simple and can be done without taking your hand off the handlebars so you maintain control when the trails aren't as smooth as you'd like at times. The riding position is quite comfortable and the brakes don't throw you over the handlebars. The wider tires are great for control on non-paved trails.

Just wanted to say thank you for developing an excellent bike that has been a wonderful addition to Vanessa's recovery. It's allowed us to get on the road and enjoy exercising together while providing a way for her to not have as much stress on her new knees. These bikes are awesome and we're looking forward to riding together for a long time.