Spotted: NY Mag

Here at Electra, we're big fans of biking to work. You don't have to be a serious cyclist in spandex to be a commuter... and that's where we come in! We’ve worked on developing bikes and products that make commuting easier, safer and more fun for riders. While an Electra bike always seems like an easy choice to us, many new commuters get overwhelmed when considering the options. Luckily, New York Magazine’s The Strategist created a guide for choosing the best commuter bike for you, and our Step-Over Townie Go! 8i in Army Grey made the cut. Bottom line... everyone from casual riders to biking enthusiasts, everyone loves riding a Townie Go!. These bikes combine the comfort of our patented Flat Foot Technology® with the ease of a Bosch motor to flatten hills and extend riding time. There's no better way to start your commute.

Find your local Electra dealer to test ride a Townie Go! today.

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