New Electra Handlebar Candy

Let’s be real here— we just love bells. They’re a stylish way to make some noise and add a personal touch to any ride. We’re constantly brainstorming new designs and colors, meaning there are endless ways to mix and match a bell to your bike. This summer we created new graphic bells, solid color ringer bells and bugle horns. 

Graphic Ringer Bells  

It’s no secret that here at Electra we love food... to the extent of putting all our favorite snacks on just about everything. From the Ice Cream Ringer Bell to Cheers Socks featuring beer mugs, there are so many treats we think deserve some spotlight.

Electra Hot Dog Domed Ringer Bell: Whether you enjoy one at a baseball game or at a beach bonfire, hot dogs rule. A tasty hot dog adorns this playful lime green bell. We just hope you like it with mustard on top.

Electra Champagne Domed Ringer Bell: This pearly Champagne Bell is a luxurious addition to any ride. Metallic designs decorate a glossy cream base complete with four glasses filled with delicious bubbles. We'll cheers to that!

Electra Fries Domed Ringer Bell: Curly. Skinny. Wedge. Waffle. When it comes to our love for fries, we don't discriminate. Featured on our Fries Bell are vibrant crinkle-cut fries displayed in a bright red box. They’re 100% guilt free, too!


Electra Elly Domed Ringer Bell: Bohemian style meets metallic accents with our new Elly Bell. A colorful elephant tops a playful peach background.

Electra Wakey Wakey Domed Ringer Bell: This is technically another food-related bell, but it’s more focused on the most important meal of the day: breakfast. Inspired by the meal that gives us the energy to ride, the Wakey Wakey Bell is an adorable bell topped with the best breakfast foods. Once you see this bell, you’ll be dancing alongside the eggs, bacon, toast and coffee all day long!

Electra Terrain Domed Ringer Bell: With geographic maps and a drive to explore in mind, the Terrain Bell was created for those who love to be outside and adventure. The subtle blue tones blend to create a sleek bell that will push you to explore the great outdoors.


Color Ringer Bells and Bugle Horns

We’re keeping it fresh with three new metallic shades for both our ringer bells and bugle horns. Both are a great way to show off your one-of-a-kind style and love for your bike.



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