Do Summer in Style with New Electra Helmets

Summer (and bike riding season) is still in full swing! So, you know what that means… longer days and longer rides. What are you waiting for? Get out there and take advantage of this awesome season, but make sure you’re doing it safe and in style. 

We’ve got a fresh lineup of helmets that will turn heads as you ride by. From fun solid colors to food-inspired graphics, these stylish helmets are a must have for the season. While they look cool, they also have some pretty sweet features like the easy-to-use magnetic buckle and detachable visor to block the hot summer sun. 

See which helmet matches your summer 2019 vibe.

Cadet Blue 

With the ocean as our neighbor, blue hues are a staple for Electra. If you love the sea, or just love the color blue, this helmet is right up your ally.  

Mother of Pearl 

Who needs a strand of pearls when you could wear this? With reflecting blues and purples, this helmet is hard to miss.  


Purples and blues and greens, oh my! This eye-catching helmet is absolutely stunning in natural light. 


Curly or crinkle? With this helmet you don’t have to decide! We’re calling all french fry fanatics to gear up with this tasty helmet.  

Wakey Wakey 

Breakfast enthusiasts… rejoice! Take your favorite meal with you throughout your day. Sorry, Wheaties, we’ve taken over the breakfast of champions. 


Stop by your local Electra dealer or check out our full collection of helmets online to get yours today.