An Electra Halloween: No Tricks, Just Treats

The full moon is forming as the spookiest of holidays approaches. Don’t worry no tricks, only treats from Electra this Halloween. Whether you plan to be out trick-or-treating or suiting up to be the star of the costume party, we have all the bikes and accessories to top off your look.

No doubt you’ll get all the good candy if you’re riding from house to house on one of our spooky-colored rides like the Step-Thru Townie Original 7D in Matte Violet or the Townie Go! 7D in Matte Black. Of course, you need something to hold your loot, so dress up your bike with a Linear QR Mesh Basket to keep the Reese’s and Blow Pops safe. Speaking of safe, that noggin’ of yours needs to stay safe as well, so strap on our Solid Color Helmet in Tangerine and channel your inner jack-o-lantern.

Step-Thru Townie Original 7D | 7D EQ in Matte Violet

Step-Over Townie Go! 7D in Matte Black

Solid Color Bike Helmet in Tangerine

For those of us trying to suppress the sweet tooth (*sigh*), there’s still something sentimental about being out in the crisp air on Halloween night. The cool, fall breeze and eerie sky take us back to tales of the Headless Horseman and Beetlejuice. You might find yourself a little spooked, but quickly find your way home on the Vale Go! 9D EQ in Matte Indigo. While its color may remind you of dark a Halloween night, you’ll be able to outrace the Boogeyman on this new ride.

Step-Thru Vale Go! 9D EQ in Matte Indigo


Now, we’d be remiss if we didn’t prepare you for Halloween without at least one good joke. So, we’ll leave you with this:

Why did the monster fall asleep on his bicycle?


Because he was two tired.


From all of us here at Electra, have a happy and safe Halloween!