13 Questions with Owen Reilly

Drumroll please... Ba da ba da ba da ba da. It's Owen Reilly and he's got a few things to share with ya, Electra fam.

  1. What is your name and title? Owen Reilly: Customer Service Representative
  2. Where is your hometown?  Saranac Lake, NY
  3. How long have you worked at Electra? Coming up on 1 year :) 
  4. What was your first paying job? Ice cream twirler extraordinaire at Mountain Mist Ice Cream 
  5. What are 3 words that describe Electra to you? Retro, Shiny, Laid-Back
  6. If you were an Electra bike, which one would you be? Coaster-Cruiser 1, all black, pink grips and gum wall tires baby.
  7. What is the best part about your job? Approving a warranty claim for a customer to upgrade them to a full new bike.
  8. At Electra, everyone listens to music when they’re working. What are your favorite jams? Van Halen basically all the time… but if not, Dead Kennedys, Motley Crue or Ozzy.
  9. If you could party with anyone from history, alive or dead, who would it be? Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads, Joe Walsh, Freddie Mercury and Keith Moon.
  10. When you’re not at work, what are you most likely doing? Playing guitar or watching a dumb Adam Sandler movie.
  11. Rain or sunshine? Sunshine but rain is tight too.
  12. What will bicycles look like in 100 years? An Antique
  13. Who would win in a fight between a bear and a gorilla? Bears, beats, Battlestar Galactica… Gorilla would def win.
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