Spotted: Harper's Bazaar

We don't want to toot our own bugle horn, but HONKA HONKA. Our friends over at Harper's Bazaar have assembled the ultimate gift guide for ladies who enjoy the more luxurious products the world has to offer. One of which is our vintage-style Electra Ticino 8D.

This bike is designed with the 40's and 50's in mind. It has a sturdy, handcrafted feel rooted in classic craftsmanship. The retro-inspired elements of the frame, fenders and wheels create a smooth ride. The Ticino 8D features intricate details that make the bike a must-have, including a traditional diamond frame, engraved saddle, custom wrapped leather grips and hammered alloy fenders. This stylish commuter bike is elegant with a touch of nostalgia that also gives you a dose of European culture without having to travel very far.

View the full story on here.


The Ticino 8D is available at your local bike retailer.

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