Spotted: Every Day with Rachael Ray

We love the holidays. Who doesn't?? The obvious reason being the food. Always delicious... sweet treats, homemade tamales, other family favorites. Our friends over at Every Day with Rachael Ray know what we're talking about. They out together the ultimate gift guide, filled with all kinds of gifts.

At the top of the list is our Electra Loft. Available in Mango, Green Tea, Mint Mojito and Pink Macaroon, this bike is a lightweight aluminum commuter bike inspired by people who live, breathe and ride in cities all around the world. It is a great set of wheels to take you from one coffee house to another, or to your favorite restaurants and pubs. The 3i and 7i versions come with rear racks for optimal functionality as well. With foot-forward pedal positioning, riders will be comfortable while enjoying the ergonomic riding position as they zip through the city streets.

Also on the list is our Electra Taco Bell. And who doesn't like a good taco? Not only does this ringer bell ring so nicely, it also adds a pop of color to any bike.

The Loft is available in the following models and colors:

Ladies' Loft 3i Mango

Ladies' Loft 3i Mint Mojito

Ladies' Loft 7D Pink Macaroon

Ladies' Loft 7i Green Tea

Electra Lofts can be found at your local Electra dealer.