Spotted: GQ

So much can happen in a week. Go to the beach... Ride our bikes... Get listed as one of the Coolest Things in the World This Week by GQ Magazine...  Say whaaaat?

This list of awesome stuff is quite impressive; from a restored vintage 1950 Jaguar to a limited edition pack of whisky, we're thrilled to have made the list with our Electra Men's Loft 7D in Matte Khaki.

This commuter bike is a reliable, go-to set of wheels for swerving getting around the city in style. With 700c wheels and relaxed riding position, it can handle cracks, potholes and curbs while you navigate the city streets. The Loft also has an aluminum frame, so it's lightweight and easy to take up stairs and store. Subtle in color but sleek in design, the Loft surely stands out in the hustle and bustle of city life.

Read the full article here.

The Electra Men's Loft 7D in Matte Khaki is available at your local Electra dealer.

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