Spotted: Seventeen Magazine

Seventeen Magazine has put together a list of "quirky chic" must-haves inspired by Beauty and the Beast heroine, Belle, and we can't disagree with their picks. From paisley printed boots to a dainty madeline baking set to the timeless Chanel No. 5, this wintery list captures all things classically feminine. And don't forget Belle's preferred mode of transportation - our Ladies' Ticino 7D in Lemon Chiffon. 

This touring bike is vintage-inspired, adorned with hammered fenders, custom-wrapped leather grips and an engraved leather saddle. It has a traditional diamond frame and 700c wheels, creating a smooth and sturdy ride to get you across town with ease. The featured Lemon Chiffon color is soft and pairs well with pretty much any color, so you can be assured that your winter outfit will look great on this set of wheels.

The Ticino 7D is available at your local Electra retailer.

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