Townie Go!

Best smileage
in its class.

Go to the market. Go to the beach. Go get coffee. The Electra Townie® Go! collection now features three easy-to-use, fun-to-ride, pedal assist e-bikes: Townie Go! 7D, Townie Go! 8D and Townie Go! 8i. All three maintain the Townie’s Flat Foot Technology® frame geometry for ultimate comfort and control. Most importantly, they’re Electra e-bikes so they’re a blast to ride.

Get ready to join the e-bike movement on the Townie Go! 7D. The newest addition to the Go! e-bike collection combines the best-selling bike in the U.S*. with the power and fun of an e-bike. Featuring the easy-to-use Hydrive pedal-assist system with three levels of support and 7-speed derailleur, this is the perfect bike for anyone looking to enhance their lifestyle.

The Townie Go! 8D and Townie Go! 8i flatten hills and shorten distances with the Bosch Active System and four levels of power support from Eco to Turbo mode. Multi-gear functionality lets you control output and battery life.

The bottom line… it’s impossible not to smile while riding a Townie Go! So, what are you waiting for? Get out and Go!