Blog: 2016

Electra Back In The Day

Electra Bicycle Company started in 1993 and has become the leading lifestyle bicycle brand in North America. It's been more than 25 years since our start, so we decided to take a little trip down memory lane by having some Electra employees answer questions about our history.

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Electra Love: The Gift of Electra

As you know, we love hearing stories from fans about receiving an Electra bike as a present. Slap on a big sparkly bow or ribbon and make dreams come true. Here are just a few stories we wanted to share...

 Hubby gave me one for Christmas one year complete with an engagement ring in the basket!! Best Christmas ever!

- Karen W., Electra Fan, Facebook

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Spotted: Seventeen Magazine

Seventeen Magazine has put together a list of "quirky chic" must-haves inspired by Beauty and the Beast heroine, Belle, and we can't disagree with their picks. From paisley printed boots to a dainty madeline baking set to the timeless Chanel No. 5, this wintery list captures all things classically feminine. And don't forget Belle's preferred mode of transportation - our Ladies' Ticino 7D in Lemon Chiffon. 

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Around 1010: Pizza Shops

San Diego is known to be one of the top cities for beer around the globe and we don't take our craft brewers for granted... But what good is an ice cold pint without a delicious slice of pizza to accompany it? Lucky for us, we're surrounded by pizzerias that are just a quick bike ride away. From classic cheese to local favorites, it was hard to narrow down our top shops to four.

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Spotted: Parents Latina

For the 2017 holiday season, Parents Latina put together an awesome selection of toys, game and altogether awesome stuff that kids will go wild for. We love that this article includes a luchador, globe and... Our Electra Sugar Skulls Helmet! With vibrant colors, metallic paint mimicking the shimmer of sugar and intricate designs, this helmet turns heads while protecting heads. Especially when ridden on our Kids' Sugar Skulls 1 20" bike.