Where do you ride?

Can you feel that? It's officially spring, and we are counting down the days until summer. In Encinitas, you'll catch us riding to the local surf spots - Swamis and Moonlight Beach - but we wanted to know where your favorite riding destination is when the sun is shining. We asked friends and fans of Electra and here is what you told us:


42% said "Unhurry up." - I love riding around my city.

21% said "The grass is greener..." - I love riding through my local park.

20% said "Surf's up!" - I love cruisin' at the beach.

12% said "Where I'm going, I don't need roads." - I'm all about the bike paths.

5% siad "I'm a workaholic" - I commute to my job.


If we missed your vote, feel free to share your favorite place to ride on our Facebook Page.