Blog: May 2016

13 Questions for Jeremy Westerlund

Meet our friend Jeremy. Not only does he have an impressive car collection and a cool dog named Mack, but he gets to design awesome products for Electra all day long. Can you say dream job? [Editor's note: Shortly after taking pictures for this post, he chopped those beautiful locks off.]

13 Questions for Jeremy Westerlund

13 Questions for Travis Vance

Meet Travis Vance, Electra's director of sales and retail development. He is also known as the unofficial sponsor and advocate of fresh baked cookies at the Electra offices.

13 Questions for Travis Vance

13 Questions for Wolfgang Fenchel

Introducing Wolfgang Fenchel... one of the longest standing Electra employees. This guy has been behind the scenes and helping create Electra bicycles for over a decade.

13 Questions for Tanja Norris

It's about time you got to know Tanja Norris... our director of product. When she isn't here overseeing a team of industrial engineers, designers, and product managers, she can be found hanging with her son and adorable boxer pup, Otto.

13 Questions for Tanja Norris

Spotted: Family Circle Magazine

Hurray! May is national bike month, and bike to work week is almost here (week of Monday, May 16)... Although we prefer leisurely rides along the shoreline or on a local bike path, we aren't scared to log a few extra miles and bike all the way to work.

Electra Loves Moms

At Electra, we know moms are pretty great. They work hard, love their kiddos endlessly and know how to put a band aid on that scraped knee like a boss. What to get your awesome mama for Mother's Day? We got your back. Here are some perfect pairings for mothers and daughters.