Around 1010: Coffee Shops

If you love coffee, you should come hang out with us. According to KPBS, San Diego is the 6th best city for coffee fanatics... and we are FANS. Every block near the office seems to have a coffee shop and even a few local roasters. We love them all, but here are some of our go-to favorites:

1. Surfdog's Java Hut


This is the closest coffee shop to the office, so the Electra Team pops in and out of Java Hut on a daily basis. We even have a collection of mugs that we bring with us. Rudi and Terry often get the house blend, hot cocoa or fruit smoothies. The interior is Hawaiian themed with a hint of San Diego surfer pride. The staff is very friendly; we practically know all of the baristas by name. [Editor's note: the Chunky Monkey smoothie is amazing]

2. Ironsmith Roasters


Ironsmith is on the north side of downtown Encinitas and one of our fantastic local roasters. They have a cool, urban vibe and feature independent artists' work on their walls. Come here for a beautifully handcrafted espresso, latte, macchiato, you name it. Between the good vibes and super friendly staff, this place is the spot for a carefully crafted coffee or espresso drink of your chioce. Robin C. can be found grabbing a cappucino most mornings at Ironsmith.

3. Better Buzz Coffee


Better Buzz Coffee is a newer addition to the neighborhood, but has several locations throughout San Diego county. Also a local roaster, Better Buzz is not for the faint of heart when it comes to caffeine. When you have a menu item called The Best Drink Ever, you better mean business. The open air atmosphere makes it a popular hangout spot for locals and visitors. It has been featured in a lot of local press and on E! Entertainment. When Kaitlin comes here, she often tries a new drink each time.

4. Starbucks


What's a city without a Starbucks? A classic quintessential coffee joint, Wolfgang says that Starbucks is his restaurant subsitute. He visits the location across the street several times a week and orders his favorite Venti Latte while listening to some good jams. [Editor's note: Let's be real. He goes there every day and it's awesome.]