Electra Artistry: 2016 Fashion Cruisers

To say we are passionate about our Fashion and Attitude Cruisers is an understatement. Each and every one of them is intended to be different and unique. For the designers of Electra, creating the Fashion bikes is when they get to have fun, explore interesting concepts and develop with no restrictions. Every element of a bike is taken into consideration, from custom spokes to the paint's finish. It’s about pushing the limits and then having the restraint to not over design, resulting in a delicately balanced piece of artwork. One of our biggest challenges is trying to outdo what we did the year before. Here's a little bit about the 2016 line-up.

Glam Punk 3i

The Glam Punk is the ultimate bike for the ladies who own the ride with attitude. This bike is not for the faint of hear; it surely catches the attention of passersby. Don't let it's initial simplicity fool you. Up close and personal, you'll notice the intricate details of metallic gold geometric shapes across the fenders with a mix of matte and gloss black shapes. And don't miss the saddle adorned with antiqued gold pyramid studs or the grips with custom leather straps, gold studs, zippers and tassels. The look is complete with gold spokes and a custom black head badge, which is unique to this Electra bike. 


Dreamtime 3i

The Dreamtime is inspired by Aboriginal art and design. This bike uses symbols to create a story about sun, light, water and other natural elements. A hand-painted effect found throughout the bike is accomplished with raised decals, which gives the frame a tactile feel. Similarly, the saddle is debossed with spot gloss garnish to create an equally interesting impression. On the back of the saddle, we added a classic baseball stitching. To bring the whole package together, the frame features a beautiful metallic aquamarine color accented with different shades of blue and green.


Koa 3i

The Koa is not only one of our best looking bikes, but one of our best-selling cruisers. We wanted to make a fashion cruiser that was more functional, so we added a front tray and rear rack. With a bright white frame color, the intricate wood grain and Hawaiian tattoo art overlay creates a totally uniquely beachy vibe. It almost appears as a wooden bike that is painted white. Other authentic wood elements can be found on the bike in the grips, front tray and rear rack.


All fashion cruisers are available at your local Electra dealer.