Around 1010: Cars & Vehicles

Bikes, cars and vehicles. At Electra, we love all of them. In fact, plenty of our bikes have been inspired by cars... even planes and trains! So, we asked a couple employees to play show and tell. Here is a little more about the hot wheels we have rolling around Encinitas and up to the office.

1. Ray and his Vespa


Ray is one of our newest teammates and has the responsibility of being Electra's bike product manager. As a transplant to California, he was excited for the awesome San Diego sunshine and  knew he wanted a new set of unique wheels. This Vespa did the trick. "It's a custom paint job, so it's the only one in this color," he said. Also, it's easy to ride and passenger friendly. His wife can easily hop on, and they can cruise along the coast. Plus, who wouldn't smile back at you when you're riding this? "If my scooter was an Electra bike, it'd be the Soft Serve. My son, Noah, also has this bike. He loves it. He's always smiling when he rides," said Ray.

2. Jeremy and his Jeep


Jeremy is Electra's industrial designer, and to say he loves cars and trucks is an understatement. Pictured above is his custom Jeep. He bought it when it was in shambles - rusted and not in great shape. He ripped out the flooring and put in new materials and gave it a custom paint job himself. "It's a great car to bring to the desert, and it's a lot of fun to drive," said Jeremy. "Notice that the driver is on the right side of the car? It was made in Japan and was shipped to the U.S. This car is also meant to be dirty, just like a mountain bike, so I can just leave it dirty intentionally." This car's spirit animal is an Electra Tiger Shark for obvious reasons... the color palette, functionality and awesomeness.

3. Taylor and his BMW Motorcycle


Taylor rides his motorcycle in to work almost single everyday. "It's just easier," said Taylor. "You can weave between the cars on the freeway, and it's just a fun ride." We can't argue with that. His BMW motorbike pairs well with our new Ladies' Cruiser Lux Fat Tire with that beautiful blue paint job, and black and silver components. The feeling that you get when riding the super comfortable Cruiser Lux Fat Tire is addicting... you feel like you could rule the world, just like when you sit on a motorcycle.

4. Terry and Her Camaro


Terry is one of Electra's assistant sales managers, and she loves her bright red Camaro. She says, "I feel like a spunky, cool redhead when I drive this car." Her favorite parts about this hot ride include the visible detailings and the fact that  every knick and scratch adds character. She paired her four wheels to the Electra Indy 3i.  Not only is the color a perfect match, but the gold and silver decals and details on both are gorgeous. The vintage look is another similarity that we can't get enough of.

All Electra bikes are available at your local bike dealer.