Electra Artistry: New Ringer Bells

We love bike bells. It's true. And you guys do, too, because we are constantly selling out of them. This summer we released a bunch of new ringer bells and here are just a few of our favorites...

Whale Domed Ringer Bell. San Diego is known to have some awesome whale watching spots. Usually you have to jump on a boat and head out to sea, but the truth is that we grab a burrito at lunch time and head over to one of the viewpoints near the office. Sometimes we can spot whales, but we always see something... Seals, dolphins, leopard sharks, fish. It's pretty awesome.

Compass Domed Ringer Bell. We've been know to say, "All you need is a place to go. Sometimes you don't even need that." Just get on your bike and ride! So when it comes to having a compass as your bike bell, does it really need to work? Conundrum.

Can't Stop Domed Ringer Bell. Remember riding a bike for fun... it's so fun that you can't stop, and you won't stop. We don't blame you.

Lunar Domed Ringer Bell. It doesn't matter whether you're an early bird or a night owl. It's always okay to hop on your Electra and ride to your heart's desire.