Electra Love: Simon and His Straight 8

Electra bikes can be found all around the world, and we are consistently amazed when we hear from Electra fans in other countries. Here is an awesome story from a new Electra bike owner, Simon.

Hi there!

My name is Simon. I'm someone who likes to share good experiences when I appreciate something, so I wanted to share my experience about discovering Electra.

First of all, sorry if my English seems not perfect. I speak French. ;) I'm a young dad from the Quebec province in Canada. I live just northeast of Montreal. I know your bikes started with a Californian style, but they fit well everywhere. On the bike side, I always had a mountain bike, but I mostly ride on roads and bike ways. I was thinking of getting a cruiser bike.

My experience began in Winter 2015. Every winter, my parents go to Florida. I go to Disney World, and we generally meet there. That winter, my parents bought 2 Electra cruiser bikes. I found these bikes to be really cool, and when I tried it, I discovered the bike I was searching for: a cool, comfortable, smooth-riding, real cruiser bike!

I now have my own Electra bike, a superb Straight 8 3i. My wife has the Hawaii, and we are more than happy with them. My kids are too young now, but I know which bike they will have when they are a bit older. ;) For the time being, I’ve attached the kids’ trailer behind my Straight 8.

I wanted to thank you for the bikes and for doing a great job to make great cruiser bikes. I rediscovered the pleasure of bike riding. :)

Hope you have a great day. From a friend from Quebec, thanks again!