Spotted: People en Español

Living in San Diego, it's easy to find inspiration from our neighbors south of the border. Día de los Muertos - or Day of the Dead - is a Mexican holiday that is celebrated and acknolwedged internationally. The multi-day festivities include setting up alters to honor loved ones who have passed and visiting their graves. People decorate with brightly colored sugar skulls, marigolds, food and beverages to honor the deceased. With the holiday just around the corner, our Sugar Skulls 3i bike caught the eye of editor's at People en Español.

This Fashion Cruiser features brightly colored and intricate designs of sugar skulls and floral graphics. The inner walls of the wheels are a lime green that contrast with the white tire walls and glossy black frame. The matching ding dong bell lets everyone know that you are ready to celebrate. The saddle, as you can see below, is debossed and with patterns from the frame design. Lastly, the saddle and grips have matching leather baseball stitching to tie in whole bike together. Without a doubt, this bike is an Electra fan favorite and one of our best selling Fashion Cruisers.

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The Sugar Skulls 3i Fashion Cruiser is available at your local bike shop.