Around 1010: Donut Shops

The Electra team is not shy about our collective sweet tooth. With that said, we are not shy about visiting our local donut shops... We even went as far to make a donut ding dong bell, donut valve caps and donut socks! And let's be real. We're serious about our donut love. We're not into this fancy, hipster fanfare with strips of bacon or cereal on top. Just give us well made, old school glazed twists, maple bars or the beloved rainbow sprinkle and we are happy. So, if you're ever in our neighborhood, check out some of our favorite donut shops:

1. VG Donut & Bakery


VG's is definitely most frequently visited and favorite donut bakery in town and has been in San Diego for more than 40 years. The donuts are light, fresh and just plain delicious. They also bake cookies, pies, breads, cakes and other delectable treats. This family-owned shop always has friendly, quality staff who are eager to help customers. Every time that we swing by in the morning, there is a line - but trust us - the wait is worth it. Oh, and in case you were wondering... VG stands for very good.

2. Leucadia Donut Shoppe


Leucadia Donut Shoppe is just a few miles north of our office on North Coast Highway 101. Owners Tom and Emily love Encinitas and the people who reside near by. Inside, almost every inch of wall space is covered with photos of customers. The shop owners said, "They're all like family. People bring in their photos, and we put them up. It's nice." As for local businesses, they support them by putting up stickers on the door and in the windows. We love that this shop supports the community with open arms.

3. Encinitas Donut House 


Encinitas Donut House has a good variety of donuts and has been around for 20+ years. The donuts are fluffy and fantastic, and you can never go wrong with a classic glazed donut or a cake donut with sprinkles. The owners said it's a pleasure to talk to regular customers and get to know them. This shop is a hit in the neighborhood.

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