Electra Artistry: Foodie Bells

If you've spent much time perusing the Electra blog (or our bike accessories), you've probably caught on to the fact that we love food. From ice cream to taco shops, we know all the best places in town... Our love for food shows in a lot of our products from bikes to flip flops to bells. And as it turns out, you guys like food, too! Almost every food related items we produce sells out immediately. If you're just now realizing that a pizza bell is just the thing missing from your bike, check out a few of our food-inspired bells here:

Electra Triple Scoop Ding Dong Bell. A classic neopolitan ice cream cone says summer all year long. Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate are American favorites, and we can't disagree. The design was inspired by our popular Girls' Sweet Ride 1 20".

Electra Taco Ringer Bell. Sharing a border with our friends in Mexico is pretty awesome if you love tacos as much as we do. There are a ton of awesome taco shops all over San Diego, so it was a no-brainer to design a bell for the delicious Mexican staple. 

Electra Pizza Ringer Bell. Who doesn't love a good slice of pizza? The better question is, "Why just settle for one slice when you can have the whole pizza pie?" This pie is loved all around the world. Our pizza bell features a classic pepporoni and cheese combo, making it almost irrestible to eat.

Electra Watermelon Ding Dong Bell. Everyone knows eating a cold slice of watermelon at the beach is a traditional summertime activity... and a sweet one at that. The larger size of our ding dong bell made it the perfect canvas for this juicy, warm weather fruit.