Electra Love: The Gift of Electra

As you know, we love hearing stories from fans about receiving an Electra bike as a present. Slap on a big sparkly bow or ribbon and make dreams come true. Here are just a few stories we wanted to share...

 Hubby gave me one for Christmas one year complete with an engagement ring in the basket!! Best Christmas ever!

- Karen W., Electra Fan, Facebook

 [My Townie was a] recent gift to me from my daughter. A 3i, which is going to recieve some cream colored duros and a basket. Love this bike so much.

- Paul P., Electra Fan, Facebook

I love my 21-speed Townie!! I have lymphedema in my arm, and the upright seating position keeps my arm from swelling up when I ride.

- Kelli R., Electra Fan, Facebook

My coral Electra Townie 7D was a present to myself, from myself!!! [Editor's note: You go girl!]

- Jena L., Electra Fan, Facebook

I love my townie!! Love the fact my feet touch the ground. I feel safer being both my knees are replaced!! I love this bike. We ride paths in northern Wisconsin. It's a dream come true for me!!

- Debbie O., Electra Fan, Facebook

8 years ago, I got my Gold Betty Beach Cruiser with a leopard seat, grips and a bell. I still have her and will keep her forever!

- Morgan G., Electra Fan, Facebook

I love my yellow Townie, with a Daisy seat, bell & tire knobs.... so cute...

- Beverly H., Electra Fan, Facebook

Above photo from Richie B., Electra Facebook Fan

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