Dress Your Bike: The Basics

At Electra, we like to encourage riders to "dress their bike." What does that even mean? Well, we think your bike should reflect your awesome personality and serve all the needs you have when riding. And let's face it... Getting out on two wheels is kind of awesome. Bikes can be ridden to the store, work, school, you name it. To make the experience of rolling on an Electra even better, you can add accessories to personalize your ride with stuff like racks, bells, baskets, lights, fenders and even funky fresh valve caps. With added functionality and practicality, we're sure you're going to have a hard time not smiling while running errands. Here are some simple pairing ideas to get the most out of your Electra experience:


Bike: Ladies’ Townie Balloon 3i EQ in White

Accessories: White Townie Rack, Wood Bell


Bike: Ladies’ Townie Original 7D in Cream

Accessories: Cream Linear QR Mesh Basket, Triple Scoop Ding Dong Bell


Bike: Men’s Cruiser 7D in Putty

Accessories: Black Linear Mesh Basket Headset Mount, Delivery Tote Bag, Graphite Ringer Bell


Bike: Sweet Ride Kids’ 1 20”

Accessory: Pink Small Plastic Woven Basket

All bikes and accessories are also available at your local Electra dealer.