Blog: 2016

Spotted: GQ

So much can happen in a week. Go to the beach... Ride our bikes... Get listed as one of the Coolest Things in the World This Week by GQ Magazine...  Say whaaaat?

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Spotted: Every Day with Rachael Ray

We love the holidays. Who doesn't?? The obvious reason being the food. Always delicious... sweet treats, homemade tamales, other family favorites. Our friends over at Every Day with Rachael Ray know what we're talking about. They out together the ultimate gift guide, filled with all kinds of gifts.

Spotted: Harper's Bazaar

We don't want to toot our own bugle horn, but HONKA HONKA. Our friends over at Harper's Bazaar have assembled the ultimate gift guide for ladies who enjoy the more luxurious products the world has to offer. One of which is our vintage-style Electra Ticino 8D.

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13 Questions for Gunnar Lorenz

Just a few quick plane rides away from our headquarters in Encinitas, you'll find Mr. Gunnar Lorenz at our office in Hamburg, Germany. We aren't quite sure what he loves more - putting together an awesome mix of the latest and greatest best tracks, or sharing the Electra brand love...

13 Questions for Gunnar Lorenz

Around 1010: Ice Cream Shops

Ice cream is never a bad idea. Seriously. Just look at our kids' bikes, helmets, flip flops, towels, bells. At least one has ice cream on it. This is no suprise, considering there are so many shops near the Electra office with exceptionally delicious frozen treats. Old-fashioned ice cream, frozen yogurt and gelato. How can one refuse? Here are a few of the Electra team's favorite places to stop by...

Real Talk: New Cruiser Colors for 2017

Cruisers are classics, but it never hurts to freshen up with a nice new paint job. The new Electra Cruiser Lux collection includes colors that look good along the coastline, on the sandy plains of the desert or on city streets. These bikes still ride smooth... and just for kicks, don't forget to add some Electra accessories to make it your own.