Electra Love: Michiel and His Amsterdam

Riding an Electra bike can bring back memories and a special sentimental feeling to riders. It's a child-like joy that never gets old. An Electra fan, Michiel V., shared his story and experiences with us on his connection with his Amsterdam.

Q: Why did you choose this Electra bicycle?

A: This bike is as close to the Dutch bikes as it gets, without shipping one from Holland. I grew up in Holland, and riding this bike feels nostalgic. Basically, we grew up on bikes, and we would ride them everywhere. I continue to live on bikes today with my 2 boys. I get compliments on this bike all the time in my Dutch community; we're connected with the Dutch Consulate. It's about the comfort and the nostalgic feeling. You can just kick back and have fun.

Q: What makes your bike different than all the rest?

A: What makes this bike different than all the rest is the smooth ride! Sitting back a bit from the stem, and you feel like you're gliding! 

Q: How did you customize your bike to make it uniquely yours?

A: To make my Amsterdam uniquely mine, I customized it with a classic Brooks saddle and carry bags I brought back from Holland!

Q: Has owning your Electra changed your lifestyle?

A: Oh yes, it has definitely affected my lifestyle. I ride to work, down to the boat, to the yacht club. My boys, who are 6 and 9 years old, also ride to soccer practice and to the park with me. We love to bike. Even when the weather is hot and sticky here in Florida and we don't feel like we want to get all sweaty, we still ride because it's fun and easy. It's great to be in tune with my bike. I want to share the awareness for bikes. I definitely ride my bike more than driving my car. I can ride pretty much anywhere.

Q: Do you have any favorite memories riding your Amsterdam?

A: It was really great when the city of Miami Beach hosted the City of Miami Bike Day to promote bicycle awareness. They closed a park, and the mayor spoke. They reached out the Dutch community and about 100 of us showed up. We were decked out in orange, jerseys and everything. We got to parade through Coconut Grove on our bikes. The Dutch community is passionate about sports, the culture, and definitely about bikes.

I feel like I create a favorite memory of riding my Amsterdam everyday, as I glide to work along the bay through Coconut Grove. I see all the sailboats and say "good morning" to my friends stuck in traffic in their cars!


Thanks for sharing your story with us, Michiel! The Men's Amsterdam Royal 8i is available at your local Electra dealer.