Electra Artistry: Summer Bells

PSA: Summer is here! This means that we can finally take our bikes out of hibernation and get those wheels turning. Well, let's be real. We ride year round in Encinitas, but know that some of you have long awaited the spring and summer seasons. There are so many reasons why this time of year is downright awesome. Taking those weekly rides to the farmer's market, meeting with friends to watch the sunset and playing outside with the pup… just to name a few. Adding to all the excitement, we’ve been working diligently to show you guys the new stuff we have coming out this season. What better way to show your summer spirit than with the ring of a new bell for your Electra? Get to know our newest and coolest additions to the bell bunch.

Playing around with different colors and hand-drawn tribal patterns, turned the Savannah Ding Dong Bell into a masterpiece. That’s why this beauty is one of our faves. Oh, and don't forget the matching fenders.

We love the process of sifting through records old and new, admiring the artwork and picking out ones that catch our eye. When you put the needle on the vinyl and it begins to play, it has such a good (nostalgic) feeling. This left us inspired, which is why we created the Vinyl Ding Dong Bell. And yes, we may be guilty of owning a few too many 80’s metal band albums.

Whether it’s pink macaroon, azure or nude, we love all of our unique bike colors. So much that we decided to have some fun and “swirl” some of our favorites together and create the Swirl Domed Ringer Bell.

For all you dog lovers out there, this one’s for you. We put a spin on our fan favorite Cool Cat Domed Ringer Bell and created a spunky, in vogue Frenchie Domed Ringer Bell. Since Frenchie’s are known for their playful and lively personality, we added a pair of shutter shades to complete the look.

As a company born and raised in Encinitas, we're surrounded by some awesome culture... Surf, beach, beer, coffee. Best of all, we have pretty legitimate car culture. If it's not a refurbished VW van or vintage Mustang rolling down the street, it's a custom Woodie Wagon. Add some surfboards and palm trees and you've got our Classics Domed Ringer Bell.

Living on the coast. Surfing our little hearts out. Watching those one-of-a-kind ocean sunsets. We’re pretty lucky. These are the things that give us inspiration and positive vibes. That’s why we decided to bring our beach lifestyle heritage to life on the Sunset Vibes Domed Ringer Bell. Ring for good vibes!