Commuting 101: The Essentials

National Bike Month may be over, but that doesn’t mean the riding stops! If you've stepped up to the challenge (or awesomeness) of commuting by bike Monday through Friday, we recommend outfitting your bike with a few helpful accessories. Get your checklist ready because we’ve compiled a few essentials you’ll want in your bag every time you hit the road.

Front and Rear Lights

LED lights come standard on quite a few Electra bikes, but not all. It's always a good idea to have lights in the front and back of your bike for day and night time riding. Get a pair of compact, rechargeable lights that'll illuminate your route where you can easily see and be seen. Our Electra Deluxe LED Light Set offers easy installation and three different flash modes. Plus, the taillight offers a reflective surface and 270-degree viewing angle.


This one's obvious... Bike locks come in different sizes, shapes and forms of security. Do you want a key or combination? Will it fit comfortably in my bag or weigh it down? Do I invest in a chain or U-lock? Will the lock detour thieves from stealing my bike?

These are all important questions to ask because you want your bike lock to last. We suggest chatting with your local Electra dealer and they'll help you decide which bike lock works best for your needs!


This one is also a little bit of a no-brainer. Hah! See what we did there? Anyways... It's always, always, always a good idea to wear a helmet.

We get that it’s not the most stylish piece of gear, but this is where we get to have some fun. The Electra helmet collection offers a variety of awesome colors and graphics to match your ride. They’re made of durable ABS hardshell on the outside, and comfortable EPS foam on the inside. Twist the dial of the Fit Retention System in the back for a nice, secure fit and hit the road.



What’s worse than a Monday? Getting a nice big stripe of puddle mud on your back when riding into work. Gross.

Many bikes and Electra models come standard with fenders that will save you and your threads when you're commuting by bike. Not to mention they can be a stylish addition to your bike. Add a pair of colorful Electra Savannah 26” Fenders to your white Townie or keep your Cruiser clean with a set of Electra Crusier Fender Set in Matte Black.

Lookin' for an awesome commuter? Check out our new collection made for exactly that - the Townie Commute.