Electra Love: Adventures with Margaux

Every time we receive a fun, inspiring story behind the love a rider has for their Electra, we can't help but smile. That's why we're so excited to share the adventures of Alicia and her Townie, Margaux.

Before I was a rider, I was a walker.  Years of morning walks, treadmills and long hauls dreaming of walking the Camino de Santiago had been slowly beating up my feet and aggravating my plantar fasciitis and torn tendon. I yearned for an alternative, and one day I decided to pay a bicycle shop a visit. I am a realtor in the Miami area, so I was in work clothes in-between appointments when I took that leap of faith and asked to try a bicycle that was comfortable, fun, pretty, manageable and large enough for my almost 5’11 frame, long legs and arms. As I browsed amongst the hundreds of road bikes, hybrids, e-bikes and cruisers – an Electra Townie 7D in Coral seemed to call my name.  I had to take it for a spin- silk blouse, dress pants and shoes and a helmet on my head. Wow… I hadn’t felt that happy and liberated since my younger days and if it felt that good now, how would it feel when I was comfortably dressed? I had never heard of Electra or its “flat foot technology,” but I found out quickly that is exactly what I wanted. Within days I brought Margaux home and our journey began.

All my life, “Margaux” has been my alter ego – the adventurous, loud, fun, life-loving persona that I created in my mind. Margaux is free, without commitment, or schedules, unplanned, and living the moment.  My new bicycle was just that – and so I named her MARGAUX. I dressed her with a loud bell (it had to go “ring, ring, ring”), a pretty basket and a red flower and my new passion took the road.

South Florida is our endless trail. Miami is a fast, vibrant and exciting city, yet my cycling world is quiet, picturesque and peaceful. Unlike my crazy workdays, no alarm clock is needed for my early rides– my passion wakes me! I look forward to the sunrises, and morning breeze in this sizzling town, the waving of fellow biking crazies that share this facet of our city that is unknown to so many. My riding decisions are easy – watching the sun rise or set, yachts and houses, lighthouses, bridges and ocean breezes or swaying palms, historic streets, festivals or simple breakfast, dinner or happy hour (hydrating) rides.


Photography is my other hobby and so it was fitting that I photograph (with my iphone7) my #adventureswithmargaux. I am simply documenting, stopping to enjoy the many discoveries I made along the way. Through social media began to share #mycity, where I work, play and sell real estate. You don’t realize what you miss being in a car all day long. Miami is a magical city, it is a dream place. There is a certain intimacy with places when you get to stop, peruse, hear its sounds, take in the breeze or feel the sunrays heating up your skin. There is imposing art in public places, fountains and areas like Wynwood, and Coconut Grove. There is so much beauty by the coast whether in Miami Beach, Key Biscayne or even The Florida keys. In Little Havana and The Redlands, there is culture, there are farmlands and there is diversity. I’ve learned that everyone welcomes someone on a bright orange and teal cruiser – that’s for sure. Margaux and I have made it into places that you’d think impossible.

Of course, after the bike came the bike rack. Margaux now travels with me to our second homes in Jupiter and in The Keys and wherever I can go in my car. Its opened up another world of #adventureswithmargaux. My family knows wells that amongst the bags and bathing suits there must be room for Margaux.

Margaux and I have developed a following amongst friends, family and even clients. Lady friends have now named their bikes Lola, Dolores, and Lucy to mention a few and have started #pedaleando through the city enjoying times together. “Did you really ride all the way there?” and “where is Margaux going next?” seem to be the most common questions since I do put 20-30+ miles on her in a single ride. It's been a little over a year since Margaux and I found each other, and 1900+ miles later, I can attest that nothing compares to the simple pleasures I have found with my Townie.

Now, during my long painless rides, I often find myself humming a tune and dreaming of the next adventures.  How to get Margaux perhaps to do that Camino trip with me or trek along Florida and all the other beautiful states and places we have yet to explore.

My #adventureswithmargaux seem to have only just begun.


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