Electra Love: Rhonda & Her Loft 7D

Sometimes it's love at first bike. You may have unexpectedly found your newest two-wheeled crush when passing by a local shop. Or you've done some extensive research and tested bike after bike to make sure it's a perfect match. Either way, we can't wait to share your #ElectraLove and experiences as a first time (or existing) Electra owner.

Check out Rhonda's, "The Girl with the Pink Bike," Electra Ladies' Loft 7D in Pink Macaroon.

I have been asked repeatedly by my friends and fellow Instagrammers about my newest obsession - my darling Electra Loft 7D bicycle. I have named her Dolly after Dolly Parton, of course, obviously because she is the queen of pink. I had been eyeing an Electra bike since I first laid eyes on one when I popped into Ridley's Cycle in Kensington last year to escape the Diagon Alley pop up crowds (Kensington had been reimagined into a Harry Potter themed fictional shopping district to celebrate the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child). I instantly was attracted to the bright and fun colors of the Electra bikes. 

This year, I made a goal to practice self-care consistently, get outside more, and to spend quality time exploring YYC with my loved ones. I decided that a bicycle would fulfil all of the above. After doing some online research into which Electra bike best suited my lifestyle requirements, I went back with Matty to Ridley's Cycle a few weeks ago to pick out the Electra Loft 7D.

Single speed, three speed, or seven speed?

I took into consideration what function my bike would be most important for and where I would be cruising around. I wanted to drive less inside the city and use the bike for deliveries and post office runs for my small business (check out my business here). To get to and from my favourite post office, I needed a bike that would take me up two moderately sized hills and be able to carry a large amount of packages to be mailed out, which can get heavy. As well, my commute to and from downtown tackles a few decent sized hills. I decided that the seven speed would be the perfect fit.

Why the Loft over the Cruiser model?

I preferred the positioning of the Loft handle bars over the Cruiser because they are not as turned in and far apart. I felt like I had more control of the bike with the the Loft handle bar. The Cruiser felt more unnatural and slightly awkward. Another reason I chose the Loft over the Cruiser is because the Loft has fenders that are painted to match the colour of the bike. I don't have to worry about dirt and mud being splashed all over me, which is perfect!


Why Electra over the competition?

This was an easy decision for me to make. First of all, their bold and vividly coloured bicycles are so aesthetically pleasing. They look very classic and scream "let's go outside and cruuuuuuuuise!". Secondly, the add-on's and accessories are ENDLESS and freaking adorable. I'm talking about watermelon valve caps, bells with sparkles and unicorns on them, and colourful baskets to make your bike unique to your personality. That does not even begin to describe Electra's whole gamut of accessories. They even have their own apparel line. Biking socks with donuts on them? It's like they know the way to a girl's heart. Although the price of all these additional accessories add up, they sure are fun and practical. One of my favourite accessories is the mint green detachable wire basket. It unclips easily when you want to use it as a shopping basket around the farmer's market or when you are browsing around for treasures at the thrift store. I have stashed everything from packages ready for the post office to fresh pastries and baguettes from Mari Bakeshop inside the basket. Today, I went back to Ridley's to add a rack specially fitted to the Electra Loft to the back of the bike and ordered a baby blue low-profile mesh basket so I can carry more stuff when I cruise around the city.

Pros + Cons

Pros | Looks adorable. Endless options for accessories. Comfortable ride. 7-speed is perfect for commuting around downtown Calgary.

Cons | Seat can be a little slippery. Heavy (I used to ride a road bike, so this thing feels like an elephant to me). Cost of accessories can quickly add up.

A huge thank you to the Ridley's Cycle team for being so upbeat, friendly, and helpful every since time I come into the store! They are seriously the bomb diggity!

This review originally appeared Rhonda's blog, Pizza | Puppies | Prosecco.

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