July is jam-packed with some of the year’s most awesome holidays. From National Ice Cream Day to the Fourth of July to National Hot Dog Day, there’s always an excuse to celebrate. [Editor's Note: There is a national "holiday" for everything these days, right?] With the help of Elle, we have a new holiday to add to our list. World Emoji Day! Yes, it’s a thing. Ringing in the celebrations the right way, Elle featured our Emoji Domed Ringer Bell in their article “17 Surprisingly Chic Ways to Celebrate World Emoji Day.”

Emojis can be the perfect greeting digitally, but we prefer ringin’ and dingin’ a happy “hello” with our Electra bells. They’re easy to install, flaunt amongst friends and made to fit any and all handlebars. Add a little pop of style and personality to your ride. Trust us, the Emoji bell won’t be the only one with heart eyes.


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