Electra Love: Kelvin & His Townie 21D

We always love hearing stories from our riders, especially when they reach out to us from thousands of miles away. Without further ado, here is an awesome story from Kelvin and his furry friend, Max.

Hi Electra,

I am writing to you to tell you how fantastic your Electra Townie 21D bike is! To do so, I would love to share the adventures that I have had on my Electra with my deaf dog, Max.

Three years ago, I adopted Max, a one-year old deaf Staffy dog, from a rescue group called Hear No Evil - An Australian Deaf Dog Rescue. Hear No Evil rescues deaf, blind and disabled dogs. These dogs are either found in pounds, rescued from people who can no longer take care of them or just need to be rehomed. Max is also an ambassador dog for Hear No Evil, which promotes awareness around the double Merle gene and poor breeding in dogs.

As a Staffy, Max has always needed a very active lifestyle. Therefore, it's convenient that Max and I live by the Patterson River and Carrum Beach in Patterson Lakes, Victoria. Every day, I use my Electra Townie 21D to ride around the river, beach and anywhere we can go for an adventure. We go everywhere on my Electra including our local bait shop, the shops for lunch and swimming spots. My bike is our everyday river transport. We go to the beach to play in the water before work and after work, we go back to the beach to cool down after a hot day in the Australian sun. 

Max even has an Instagram page, @maxtheriverstaffy, where you can see our adventures. Max loves running next to, in front and behind my Electra. The Townie 21D is the most comfortable bike that I've ever owned. The seat is extremely comfortable and the aluminum frame won't rust which is great for the area I live in. Electra is not just a bike, it's a lifestyle!

We are happy to share our adventures with Electra. Thanks for making a great bike.