With Love From Electra

While flowers and chocolates may be go-to Valentine's Day gifts, but that would be... kind of boring. Here at Electra, we don't do boring. Instead, we do awesome. From heart eyes to helmets, we have some different and more adventurous ideas for your valentine. And who knows, you might just fall in love with these V-Day presents and get a little somethin' somethin' for yourself. 

What's Valentine's Day without some pink? Go all out with the eye-catching Light Pink Bugle Horn. It's arguably the most fun way to tell people to step aside... plus it adds a nice pop of color to any ride. If you're looking for something a little more subtle, take a look at our Natural Latte Blush Palm Frond Basket. It's fashionable, functional and handmade in Mozambique. Your valentine will not only be looking good, but also feeling good by supporting the fair trade rate of local artisans.

And then there's all the hearts... If you have major heart eyes for your loved one, check out the Emoji Bell. Keep your honey sweet and safe with the Heartchya Helmet. The durable ABS hardshell is covered in colorful and shimmering hearts. Sparks will fly when you pair it with the matching Ladies' Heartchya 3i or Heartchya 5" Socks. Don't forget about the Heartchya Valve Caps either. Other fun accessories to check out include XOXO Ringer Bell and Aqua Heart Basket Tote.

No matter which gift you decide to give, we're sure it will be a hit!