Arrive Fashionably Safe: Commute Helmet

Helmets. We don't love them, but we can't live without them. It's safe to say 99% of the time they're clunky and unfashionable... and that's why we've worked hard to create a new helmet far from the usual. The new Electra Commute Helmet is designed to ensure all our two-wheeled riding friends arrive in style. With a sleek silhouette and modern aesthetic, these helmets reflect our commitment to design and innovation while delivering the utmost in protection. We even went all the way to the Netherlands to pass NTA 8776 certification standards, meaning greater protection against higher speeds and making this an ideal choice for e-bike riders.

A lightweight, ventilated structure includes a removable visor and magnetic mount for a camera or light. Other features include washable moisture-wicking padding, a fit retention system and a magnetic Fidlock® Slide Buckle for easy and secure latching. The Commute Helmet is available in two versions, with or without MIPS technology. MIPS is the leading helmet technology protecting you from minor and severe injuries in the event of an angled impact. Both helmet versions come in a variety of fun colors and patterns. Feel comfortable knowing your head and brain are in good hands with Electra's new Commute Helmet.

Electra Commute MIPS Helmet in Gloss Black

Electra Commute MIPS Helmet in Aqua

Electra Commute MIPS Helmet in Aubergine

Electra Commute Helmet in Matte Black

Electra Commute Helmet in Tapestry